Moving day can be a stressful experience. You might not get your movers. Storms can strike, making it treacherous to travel on the big day. What happened to my great-grandmother’s bone china? Broken at the bottom of a cardboard container.

There are many ways that moving day disasters could take place. Many people have shared their horror stories about how they were able to move. Moving can be painless. These solutions are provided by Duck brand to solve real-life moving problems:

– The moving company arrives late and charges you for additional time.

Do your research before you choose a moving company. Refer to past customers and ensure that all details regarding the delivery, including any extra costs, are written down.

Your attempt to transport your precious antique ends with broken pieces.

Extra care is required when packing breakables. Wrap items in Bubble Wrap cushioning and packing paper. Label fragile items on their outside boxes.

– Your pet becomes lost during the move.

Include all your pets, including turtles and cats in your pre-move count. Keep a current photo and description of every pet for identification purposes. To prevent pets from fleeing, you should place them in a safe room.

– A storm hits the day of your move, knocking out power at your new home.

You should always check weather reports. Make sure you have a backup weather plan. You should have a first-night survival plan with emergency contact numbers, medication, first aid supplies and flashlights. Also, you should have a toolkit, duct tape, snacks, water bottles, sleeping bags, extra clothes, and a tool kit.

You have spent hours cleaning up your old home, but you are now faced with a messy new home.

Before unloading your boxes, clean up your new home. Cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning up after your children, and installing shelf liner should all be on your list.

You don’t have to make moving a stressful and difficult experience. You can make moving into your new house easier, quicker, and more fun with some preparation.

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