In the past, people traded or bartered goods for equal value. Modern barter is highly sophisticated today.

Barter networks allow businesses to trade business-to–business products or services. “trade dollars”Bartering or trading currency. Trade dollars can be used by businesses to purchase the products or services they need without having to use cold, hard currency.

Barter networks do not only include local businesses. International Monetary Systems, a large barter network that supports corporate barter along with their commercial barter network, has an international membership that includes large companies and manufacturers. IMS, which now has more than 18,000 members, offers both corporate and commercial barter solutions to businesses.

“Corporations, manufacturers, the media industry, and the hospitality industry can all benefit from the barter model. In addition to our commercial barter network, IMS also maintains one of the most respected and successful corporate barter networks in the nation, National Trade Association (NTA),”Don Mardak, CEO at IMS.

Barter is a common method of lowering costs for large corporations and manufacturers. These companies barter because they are less interested in trading goods or services than they are in moving their excess capacity.

Every company has excess inventory, phased out products and products that are beyond their selling cycles. The market is highly competitive and customers change their preferences quickly. Millions of products that are still in use cannot be sold. The company’s finances are put at unnecessary risk by storing and protecting those products. Liquidators are organizations that purchase excess inventory for fractions of the value for resale. Bartering allows companies to transfer excess inventory without suffering huge losses.

“Businesses are always surprised to learn what their excess inventory and excess capacity can be worth when applied to a barter model. And for us, providing both commercial and corporate barter channels creates an unparalleled marketplace of products and services for our member businesses to purchase from. It’s a win for everyone.” says Mardak.

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