It’s obvious that there is a problem with your plumbing and you must fix it. You find yourself fumbling under the sink trying to grab a flashlight and a tool with one hand. The flashlight is too heavy to hold so you place it down. You are unable to see what it is doing, so the flashlight quickly rolls.

Do you sound familiar? You may be familiar with this flaw: Using a flashlight to illuminate the room requires you to use one hand.

Cooper Lighting created a new, versatile and hands-free worklight, the Might-D-Light LED Folding Worklight. The Might-D-Light has two LED panels, which is a departure from traditional sticklights. Two LED panels can be folded together and adjusted to an angle of zero to 200 degrees to provide focused light for many applications.

The Might-D-Light has two options: it can be hung from its hook or stand alone. The Might-D-Light can attach to almost any metal surface thanks to two rare earth magnets. If someone is working on their car’s engines, they can place the worklight underneath their car’s hood. This will give them sufficient light, and allow them to use two hands to repair the car.

A folding, LED light could give you an advantage in certain areas. Take a look at these:

* Roadside assistance. Repairs can be made without using a flashlight in the event of a breakdown. The Might-D-Light has two reflective strips that make you more visible to other cars.

* Working in small, confined areas. To see the Might-D-Light, lay it flat under a sink. Or hang it while you replace a fuse. The Might-D-Light can also be used to work on cooling and heating systems or behind washers and dryers.

* Your workroom. Magnets enable the Might-D-Light to attach to nearly any metal surface. This includes your toolbox. You can use the Might-D-Light to lighten your work area, and then attach the light to your toolbox.

AC/DC adapters have been included to ensure the light is always powered. You can find more information at might-d–