For a variety reasons, American smokers are less likely to smoke cigarettes. EuroMonitor International reports that the market for moist cigarettes is increasing and has increased by nearly 7 per cent between 2011-2014. Many companies are creating products and accessories to meet this market.

Many of these myths are being dispelled by the changing landscape of tobacco usage.

Myth No. 1: Smokers are messy

Fact No. Fact No. 1: Tobacco smokers are not more likely to be messy or neat than other people. You must dispose of moist tobacco products. Some users of moist tobacco have found accessories that make it much easier to keep your items discreet and tidy. FLASR’s portable spittoon can fit in a shirt pocket. The lid of the FLASR spittoon can be opened with one hand.

Myth No. 2: Tobacco smokers are irresponsible.

Fact No. Fact No. 2: Most smokers are well aware of current regulations and try to adhere to them. This often means limiting or eliminating smoking in public places. Many of these people have changed to moist tobacco or increased their use. In a statement, Everett Dickson (CEO of FLASR), stated that portable spittoons offer discretion. Portable spittoon accessories “allows users to enjoy smokeless tobacco in public unobtrusively, without unwanted attention,”He stated.

Myth No. 3: Tobacco smokers are not sophisticated.

Fact No. 3: Tobacco consumers appreciate products that make life easier, more fun. The portable spittoon is a great option for smokeless tobacco smokers who are not yet familiar with it. These portable spittoons are available from FLASRThe products are equipped with an advanced locking mechanism that prevents spills and leaks. These products come in a 4-ounce size, which makes them easy to carry into theatres and other venues where a bottle or cup is not appropriate.

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