Hollywood has been ahead of mainstream America in green movement. Take Ed Begley, Jr., an actor best known for his roles in the role of a villain. “A Mighty Wind”And “Batman Forever.”Begley was a strong supporter of environmentalism in 1970. He even rode his bike to red carpet events.

Begley gives his name today “Begley’s Best,”A line of all-natural, non-toxic household cleaners. He published a book recently about green living. “Living Like Ed: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Life.”

Begley’s home, when it comes to green movements, is undoubtedly where his heart is. Begley now pays $300 per annum for electricity in his 1936 home, which includes a wind turbine as well as 6 kilowatts worth of solar panels.

Although it might seem expensive to install a wind turbine in your home, you don’t need to be famous to save energy at home.

These are some helpful tips for Americans who want to live more sustainably.

Pay attention to your water consumption. It is possible to save thousands of gallons every year by taking simple steps such as not running the dishwasher or washing machine until you have loads full. High-efficiency appliances should be used when replacing kitchen or bathroom fixtures. Showers are better than baths. Be aware of unusually high water bills. These could be a sign that there are leaks.

Buy a high-efficiency water heater. Heating water can take up to 25 percent from a home’s total energy consumption. Look for a model that is eligible for the federal tax credit to energy-efficiency improvements like A.O. Smith’s Vertex Model. Begley uses Vertex in his home for all of his hot water and heating needs.

– Upgrade your lighting. A simple replacement of one lightbulb in every American home with an ENERGY STAR CFL compact fluorescent light (CFL), would result in a significant energy savings and the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that of 800,000 cars. CFLs are easy to install and cost-effective.