Start your day with a cup coffee. If you do, you can save a lot and also help the environment by making your own coffee.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Division of Consumer Prices it costs 5 cents per 8-ounce cup of coffee to brew at home. Compare that with the cost of a gourmet drink at your local café. This would save you about $4 per day or $30 per week. This amounts to about $120 per monthly! This is without taking into account the gasoline savings you would make if you opted to not drive to a coffee shop.

You can make a difference in the world by changing how you drink coffee. By making the switch to home-brewing your coffee, you will not only save money but also less fossil fuel.

Capresso, a market leader in high quality coffee-making equipment, offers these “green”Here are some ideas to save money while protecting the environment.

* Look for a coffeemaker with a thermal carafe so you won’t need additional electricity to keep your coffee at the optimal serving temperature.

* Instead of disposable paper filters, use a permanent gold-tone filter that can be reused time and again.

* Use leftover grounds as garden fertilizer.

* Cut back on the use of paper napkins, paper cups and coffee sleeves.

* Use freshly ground coffee instead of pods to avoid the additional waste of paper or aluminum pod covers.

* Brew only what you need. Capresso uses a two-to-four-cup cycle, which allows you to brew coffee in small quantities. Jura-Capresso’s automatic coffee maker allows you to brew each cup individually as needed.

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