What is it about reality TV and family that keeps us tuned in? What is it about watching a family’s dynamic unfold? What is it? It could be anything. UP TV’s “Bringing Up Bates”Families are hooked.

The series features Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, a Tennessee-based family, along with their 19 children. The four-season series has seen the Bates Family experience everything from marriage proposals to health scares, to baby showers. This family is constantly growing and continues to face life’s challenges and triumphs.

Kelly Jo, Matriarch of the Bateses, has raised them in a certain way. However, viewers have followed Erin Paine Whitney Bates, AlyssaWebster and Whitney Bates on their journey to motherhood. Fans will finally see the arrivals of two new Bates grandbabies in the season’s final episodes. Erin, who will soon release a new lullaby-piano album, learned responsibility from her family early in life. She believes this trait has translated into her daily life.

“Having a little one that comes running to you for comfort, love, and affection, in addition to giving it, is a priceless treasure,”She said.

Whitney Bates, the youngest of three new moms admits she still has much to learn about being a mother. However, she loves the time she spends with Bradley and Kaci Lynn.

“Being a mother to me means investing in my children’s lives and getting to love them more than you ever imagined was even possible.”Whitney said that although it can be difficult for an individual child to marry into a family with 19 children, Whitney found motherhood easier by watching the Bates’ interact.

“When little problems, loud noises, inconveniences or arguments come up, they [the Bates] learned to work through them,”She said.

Alyssa says motherhood has taken her by surprise.

“I don’t think anyone can ever fully prepare themselves for it [motherhood], but growing up with so many younger siblings was like taking a beginner course on parenting times 10!”

Alyssa is currently pregnant with her second child. She hopes to raise a generation of people who are proud of their heritage. “character and shows kindness to others,”Accepting the challenges inherent in being a parent.

“Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings I have ever experienced,”She says: “but it requires a lot of dedication and patience.”

“Bringing Up Bates”Thursdays at 9 PM ET on UP TV, a family-focused network.

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