While it’s tempting to pick a career path from as young as junior high school, there’s no need to force the matter. Students in college often explore at least three to four majors before they graduate, while adults frequently switch careers.

You don’t have to choose a major in order to be able to work in one field. You don’t have to be a master of all your interests, or enjoy too many activities for you to narrow down your options. Next, take a deep breath and follow these tips to choose a major.

Know your options. You don’t have to study literature to be a scholar. In fact, English majors can use the skills they learn in any number of positions, from teaching and administrative work to technical editing.

Students can find out more about their options online by using some of these tools. RoadMap4Life.com is one website that asks users about their interests and matches them with any of the 2,300 career options. You can find information on careers that might be of interest to you, even if they have never heard of them.

RoadMap4Life users can download “roadmaps,”These provide a complete overview of the various career options available, as well as the recommended majors and education path for students who are interested in a specific field.

Explore. Explore. Talk to professors, join clubs, and do internships to learn more about the work involved with the majors you are most interested in.

Know yourself. You might love writing but need to sleep on a regular basis. Maybe you are passionate about working with people and want to have a comfortable lifestyle. A journalism career can be too stressful, especially with the deadlines and pressures it brings. A career in social work could be too low-paying. Talk to your career advisor about the best careers for you and what kind of lifestyle they can offer.