Today’s most successful engine builders know how they can get more horsepower out of their cars without spending more money.

Engine builders will compete in the 2008 Engine Masters Challenge to build a more powerful V-8 passenger car engine.

You don’t necessarily need to have engine-building skills in order to increase horsepower. These tips will assist car owners who want to improve their horsepower without spending more.

– Upgrade your lubricants. The engine’s performance is affected by friction and heat. You can reduce power loss by upgrading to one of our high-performance lubricants.

Horsepower TV has recently conducted a test that showed high-performance motor oils could free up eight horsepower from a V8 engine. The video is available online.

Upgrade or replace your air filter. Dust and other materials can cause engine wear and problems. It is important to replace your air filters regularly.

You can save up to two to three horsepower by upgrading to a high-performance filter that costs less and takes only five minutes to put in.

Use higher octane fuel or an octane booster. High-octane gasoline may increase your vehicle’s horsepower depending on its make and model.

Some people will be willing to spend more money at the pump to get more power. Upgrades to high-octane fuel won’t always bring about noticeable improvements.

If you want to see a greater increase in power, a racing mixture of gasoline will be a good option. Another solution is to buy octane boosters at auto parts shops.

It is possible to increase horsepower without having to hire an expert or spend a lot of money. Performance upgrades will prolong the life of your engine, and can prevent expensive repairs from happening.