()Social Security, Medicare, supplemental insurance, long term care, IRAs and life insurance can all have an impact on your retirement success. A workbook and book that are easy to understand will help you navigate this process.

“The Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement,”The Amazon bestseller is available, along with the accompanying workbook. Written by Hans E. Scheil CFP, this book can answer any questions you may have about retirement.

* When do I start my Social Security check?

* How do I supplement Medi-care?

* Should I purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?

*What should I do with my IRA or 401(k)?

* Am I investing and creating enough income in retirement?

* What about income taxes after age 65?

* How do I handle life insurance and transferring assets to children and grandchildren?

* How do I choose financial and legal professionals to help me?

Both books cover long-term care planning. According to Genworth, the average cost of nursing home care and in-home care is $85,755 annually. This cost can continue for years, and many retirees as well as their adult kids do not have a plan for paying for it. The books outline the options for long-term care.

“The consequences of failing to plan for long-term care are suffered by the family,”Scheil states in his book. “I deal with family members all the time who are doing last- minute planning for a client who has just checked into a facility or is receiving care at home. I experience the confusion, fear, anxiety, pain, and disappointment that comes with these situations. The adult children have a tough time with it. Our job at Cardinal is to help people avoid or minimize these challenges.”

Scheil worked for clients over 65 years to help them achieve a happy retirement. Scheil shares his personal experience caring for his grandmother, mother and father in their later years.

Scheil’s books address the main problems that retirees may face, and offers simple strategies that can easily be implemented with the assistance of a qualified professional.

Scheil is a Certified Financial Planning professional and accepts speaking engagements in order to educate the public about the basics of retirement planning. Hans serves clients across all 50 States and the District of Columbia.

You can order the books at Amazon.com or your local library. Call (919) 535-8261 for more information or visit http://www.amazon.com/books. CardinalGuide.com.