()– The COVID-19 panic is creating fear, confusion, economic uncertainty, and financial instability for many older Americans, especially those who have a fixed income.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA), an established nonprofit that helps older adults age with dignity, economic security, and financial security, has valuable information on coronavirus on their website. www.ncoa.org.

The NCOA experts regularly update and curate resources that are crucial to older adults, their caregivers, and their families. Blogs, videos, and links will be available that address a broad range of issues.


NCOA provides links to Meals on Wheels and Feeding America. You can also search by your zip code to find local services. Feeding America and other food banks have created guidelines for social distancing and smaller drop-off points in order to adapt to this situation. Those who are eligible can click the link to apply for SNAP. Previously known as food stamps. This helps people pay for healthy food.


Many Americans over 50, especially those with a fixed income are worried about COVID-19’s impact on their financial situation. For older adults, there are many benefits programs available from the federal, state, as well as local governments to assist with financial difficulties, such utility payments, rent, and medication costs.

The companion website of the NCOA. www.BenefitsCheckUp.orgThis page provides information on eligibility and how you can apply for benefits worth billions of dollars.

Additionally, while older Americans should avoid non-essential travel they can still find transportation options to get to and from essential medical appointments, or to pick food and medicine up. NCOA has a link that will help you locate local transportation services. They also have information that will help you navigate telemedicine visits. These are becoming increasingly common.

For the most current information on Medicare benefits in COVID-19, users can access NCOA’s links from state and government websites.


Everyone’s emotions are being affected by the stress and isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The NCOA encourages older adults not to isolate themselves in order to be physically healthy. However, the NCOA also provides tips for caregivers and older adults on how to use technology to keep in touch with their loved ones and friends and stay emotionally healthy.

Visit www.ncoa.orgFor information on healthy aging and COVID-19, for older adults. It contains valuable information for caregivers and older adults.