()– When a parody of Broadway’s title song is performed, you know we’re going a bit stir-crazy(*) (“Oklahoma!”YouTube has almost 1.7 million views of the video. Seniors are more affected: They can’t have their grandchildren and children visit them. There’s also the added stress of being told to stay locked down long after the younger generations return to work.”Oh, Corona!”Whenever that is.

In fact, the AARP Foundation came up with this horrible comparison: Prolonged isolation from social life for people 50 years and older

It is fortunate that some of today’s most advanced technology can offer solutions to both keep us connected, and protect us against the bad guys who take advantage of our situation.”is the health equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.”* Health Checks. Alarm.com offers machine-learning algorithms to analyze activity data, which can help you be more comfortable about your anxiety.

solution can give you the exact details you have suddenly become obsessed with.WellnessDid they accidentally open their medicine cupboard when they needed to get their prescription? What has changed in their sleeping, eating, or (yes) bathroom habits? Are they out and about during the day or are they asleep?

This is possible by connecting your home to theirs via smart-home tech, which will send you real-time alerts if there’s anything amiss.

Margarete Pullen, Dallas, Texas. Her son had the system installed and set up by an authorized service provider. She also received a copy of the installation instructions. “You don’t even know it’s there, but it’s here to protect you and let someone know if something does go wrong,”Video camera with two-way audio capabilityWellcam* Movie meet-ups. We are all just trying to find new ways to deal with the situation. Nicholas Christakis, Yale University social scientist and physician, shared his experience in Science magazine.

Google’s Netflix Party extension allows friends and family to watch and video chat a movie on their computers. NetFlix subscriptions are required. However, you can debate the merits of Martin Scorsese’s films. “calls on us to suppress our profoundly human and evolutionary hard-wired impulses for connection.”

This, I would say, was justifiable. Furthermore, unlike in real theatres where people complain if they hear you eating popcorn too loudly, many people aren’t there physically to make that complaint.”The Irishman,”* Apps! Apps! Apps! No NetFlix subscription required There are many apps such as FaceTime, Skype and Houseparty that prove social disconnection doesn’t have to mean social disconnecting. Mass virtual dinner parties. Mass virtual

Mass virtual gym classes. These classes have become very popular, with one couple from Vermont in their 80s touchingly using Apple’s FaceTime for communication after their husband was placed in a nursing home that barred visitors during the pandemic.”happy hours.”Oh, and you say that you want to be a hero for your community? To share a video of an Alarm.com user, use an app like Instagram

Cameras caught on camera swiping the packages you’ve had delivered.doorbell