While we all know that exercise is important to maintain a healthy body, did you know that there’s a fun way to train your brain? This will slow down the aging process and improve your cognitive health.

Sudoku crossword puzzles and chess can help you keep your mind sharp, as you may have heard. Double-blind clinical trials have shown that computer-based training has a positive effect on cognitive function in 50-plus people. CogniFit’s MindFit cognitive skills assessment and training software was used to assess and improve driving skills and other activities that aid in maintaining independence.

Participants used MindFit, or more advanced computer games, for 30 minutes three times a week during the clinical trial at Tel-Aviv University’s Sourasky Medical Center. The duration of the trial lasted three months. The results showed that MindFit users who had lower baseline cognitive performance were more successful than those with normal cognition. This suggests the potential therapeutic benefits of home-based training software for people suffering from the effects of ageing or other serious diseases.

You can see that memory loss prevention is as important as keeping your brain active. Here are other ways to exercise your mind.

* Change routines. You can benefit from doing things outside of your work area. You can try painting, cooking, gardening and even baking if your profession is accounting. Anything you do differently than what you do every day for eight hours, seven days a semaine, will help.

* Exercise. Jogging may not be your thing. Try walking, biking, or swimming. Exercise stimulates the brain’s neurons and improves mood.

* Keep yourself busy. Do crosswords, reading, and learning something new in your quiet time. Play bridge, chat with others about your day, or play a musical instrument.

* Try cognitive software. MindFit software can be used in the same way as a gym. You can get half an hour of MindFit software. “brain training”Short-term memory, spatial relations, and attention focus can all be improved by three sessions per week. MindFit is a patented Individualized Training System that CogniFit has developed. It adapts to the individual needs of each user.

MindFit won the 2007 American Society on Aging Business and Aging Award. To order MindFit online, go to www.e-mindfitness.com. Enter promo code MFPROMO15 to save $15