: A new book for children 7-11 introduces them to a world of compelling endangered species, environmental awareness and teamwork. The best part? It’s hilarious and full of quirky characters that are sure to entertain everyone.

The Nocturnals: The Mysterious AbductionsTracey Shecht’s novel, “The Secret of the Forest” focuses upon a group animal friends who work together to solve a mystery about why other nocturnal forest residents are disappearing. Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark, the sugar glider go on a thrilling adventure that takes them deep into the earth and threatens their survival.

R.L. R.L. “an enchanting story about a group of animals who band together to protect their friends and find adventure. The characters are delightful, and the nighttime landscape is captivating. It was just as I expected — because the best stories always take place in the dark!”

The book is intended for both children and their parents. The story has a quick dialogue, action and plot twists. There are also hints of education about different animal types and how they behave.

In an interview with Tracey Hecht, author, Tracey Hecht said that sharing reading benefits aren’t only for pre-readers.

“I didn’t stop reading aloud to my kids — I still haven’t — and it’s the best part of my day,”She said. “I keep books everywhere and I?think of reading like a conversation — just have it. Just pick up a book and have it. You’ll be amazed at how well it bridges the gaps,”She stressed.

Parents, children, and teachers are welcome to visit www.nocturnalsworld.comYou can find more information about the book and a sample chapter to introduce the main characters. The website also offers bonus animations, educational materials, and activities, such as a Next Generation Science Guide, templates to animal trading cards, and library resources, including guidelines for middle-grade book clubs.