Fevers can often strike quickly and unexpectedly. This leaves caregivers with little time to prepare or run to the grocery store. You can be prepared to respond the next time your child has a fever. Keep a full stock of medicines. fever-fighting arsenalIn your home:

* Drink Up: You know your child’s favorite flavors, so keep your pantry stocked with therapeutic hydration beverages in these flavors. You will be able to replenish vital nutrients quickly and prevent dehydration. Keep in mind that dehydration can be prevented by encouraging your child to drink slowly, not big gulps. Make an ice pop by freezing the beverage.

* Measurement That’s on the Mark: A rectal thermometer still provides the most accurate measurement of body temperature. It is important to have an exact measurement of your body temperature when you are dealing with elevated temperatures. This will allow you to determine the best time to call your pediatrician.* Have a good digital rectal thermometer on hand to get an exact reading.

* Keep ‘Em Cool: When fever spikes, be ready. To keep your child cool and bring down their body temperature, keep a cool pack in the fridge. You can also get this special “icy”Ready to go for any boo boos that need soothing. However, avoid cold showers and baths as they can cause too much body cooling. Instead, healthcare professionals recommend taking moderately warm baths.

* Dose with Ease: Acetaminophen is one of the most recommended nonprescription medications by healthcare professionals for fever reduction in children. If your child is fussy or has a tendency to vomit, it may be difficult for them to receive a proper dose of liquid Acetaminophen. FeverAll Acetaminophen Supps are essential.www.feverall.comYou should keep an emergency supply of liquid acetaminophen (orally) for sick children and infants. FeverAll Infants’ Strength (80mg) is the only acetaminophen tablet that’s approved for infants from six months. You will be able confidently to give acetaminophen safely and your child has received the correct dose, even if they are only six months old.

* Dole out the Love: A little extra TLC can help keep kids comfy and in a positive state of mind as they fight a fever. Give your child a gentle massage on their feet, neck and back to show your love. As an extra layer of security, make sure you have a new blanket or soft lovey ready for your child.

* Always consult your pediatrician for questions and concerns about fever in infants and children.