“Go for the Gold”As the Games of the XXXI Olympiad (or the 2016 Summer Olympics), get underway this summer, the global mantra will be “Wake up!” Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will host a record-breaking number of countries competing in record numbers of sports. More than 10500 athletes will compete from 207 countries. “go for the gold,”They want to break their personal best and make World Records.

Swimming, fencing, soccer (aka football): There will be 42 Olympic sport categories in 2016, including one of the most traditional and popular, athletics. It includes running and jumping as well as throwing. Since Athens 1896 athletics has been part the games. There are 141 medals in total for the Olympic sport of athletics.

There are many ways that people will go for the gold this summer, including mobile devices. Talking Tom: Tom is the iconic apps athlete and star on the hit animated series. is looking to break records this summer with the XXIII app release in the Talking Tom franchise, Talking Tom Gold Run. Outfit7’s new game, “Infinite Runner”, is a first-of-its-kind infinite runner game that allows players to get involved with the running action and gives them a reason to do so.

Talking Tom Gold Run begins by a robbery. Players must race as fast as they can to retrieve stolen gold, dodge obstacles, and get rewards. You can earn gold bars and help Tom and Friends build their dream home. Seven worlds are available for fans, which include the city, woods and beach. Each character’s house is upgraded and new characters and running segments are added.

Outfit7, Limited — the makers of Talking Tom is also breaking a major digital mark this summer. It has crossed the 4.5 Billion download mark across its family-friendly apps. It’s right. 4.5 billion. “B.”That’s more than half of the global population. According to the U.S. census the total population worldwide is over 7.3billion and counting. This figure is also higher than all those who watch the Summer or Winter Olympics.

The suite of apps, which was launched more than five years ago with the Talking Talking Tom and Friends first app has seen a huge rise in popularity. Over 5.7 billion people have viewed its various brand content on YouTube. Additionally, “Talking Tom and Friends: The Animated Series,”The series, currently in its inaugural season, has clung to a solid audience with more than 760 million views on YouTube and YouTube Kids. The series is broadcast weekly and features a stellar voice cast, led by Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Colin Hanks.”Fargo”) and Tom Kenny (“SpongeBob SquarePants”

Download the Talking Tom Gold Run App today to get your gold medal, whether you are among the 480,000 Rio 2016 tourists or the 4.5 billion Talking Tom and Friends app users. Available for iOS, Android Windows and Amazon.