Are you looking for a car seat? You can check. Monitor for baby? Make sure you check. Are you sure that your child is wearing the right clothing, blankets, or a safe crib? Check, check, check.

They spend hours safety-proofing the home of their baby before they bring it home.

Some equipment may seem so insignificant that parents overlook its importance. Rubberized rugs are a great way to prevent parents from getting tripped up while carrying their child. Brightly lit areas are safer that dimly lit ones. Parents should therefore install childproof lights.

Infants are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, fevers, and heated surfaces. Baby skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin so it can feel the heat at temperatures that adults cannot.

Parents won’t purchase a cheap car seat. Parents shouldn’t purchase low-quality thermometers. Their infant’s safety depends on accurate temperature readings.

Kidz-Med is one company that supplies an infrared thermometer. The Thermofocus 5in-1 can test everything, from the infant’s temperature to their bath water.

The Thermofocus does not come in contact with children’s skin. Regular thermometers measure the temperature in infants’ ears and rectals. However, babies’ ear canals cannot be measured accurately and rectal thermometers can upset or disturb fussy children.

Thermofocus is a device that allows parents to simply point an infrared light at their infant’s forehead. This will indicate the area where the temperature reading is most accurate. The process takes only one second and the child can fall asleep.

Infrared temperatures are as accurate as temperature measurements taken through an armpit, mouth, or ear. So parents can spot fevers early because the temperature of the human head changes first.

However, thermometers can also be used to help babies stay healthy. The safe and recommended temperature for babies’ bathwater is 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Parents should ensure that the water is not exceeding this temperature. Infrared technology can be used to heat bottles for babies or food for toddlers. This will prevent formula and squash purees from getting too hot.

The Thermofocus 5-in-1 can also take room temperature readings making it useful for around-the-house use. Parents can ensure that children’s safety in nurseries and car interiors.

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