Parents struggle to get their kids to read outside of school. November is National Family Literacy Month.

Reading is more than passing a test. “A”On a book report. It is a lifelong skill which helps you to understand yourself and the world around. In today’s connected world, it is becoming more important for kids to be able to read in a busy day.

“Reading opens up so many possibilities, from discovering a new interest to sparking untapped creativity. Best of all, it is a great way to spend time together as a family,”Emily Levitt is vice president Education for Sylvan Learning.

Here are some ideas to encourage kids to love reading and to have fun together reading.

* Read Aloud — The easiest way to get kids interested in reading and to build their vocabulary is for parents to read aloud to their children, no matter their ages. Children will skip words that they don’t know when they read aloud, but they might ask their parents for the definition if they hear them say it. Even if you only have 15 minutes each week to read aloud, it can make a huge difference.

* Start a Book Club — Starting a book club with a group of your kid’s friends and their parents is a great way to make reading fun. After each participant has read the book for a month, organize a party with everyone to chat and enjoy snacks.

* Stick with What They Like — Kids will be more inclined to read if it’s about something they’re already interested in. It’s even more fun if you share their interest. You should also try to get them interested in different genres or subjects.

* Monkey See, Monkey Do — It’s important that kids see their parents reading. If they don’t, it’s an unspoken message to your child that reading is okay. Literacy can be achieved together through crossword puzzles and comic books. You and your children should make a concerted effort to read with each other.

* Deploy Backup — Not every child is a natural born reader and even kids who are great readers can use reading help.

Sylvan Learning offers reading programmes from Pre-K-12. Sylvan Learning offers reading programs from Pre-K through Grade 12. Because no two children will be the same, each tutor tailors their teaching to each child. This allows for kids to have the personalized attention and support they need to succeed.

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