Being a parent is a great accomplishment. Baby’s happiness is directly linked to good sleep habits. Parents will be less tired if they establish good sleep patterns and sleep habits early.

Christina Gantcher, Gerber Good Start Gentle’s sleeping consultant, suggests to parents that they focus on the Three E’s: Education, Environment, And Eating.

* Eating: Poor feeding can impact your baby’s ability to sleep well. Talk to your pediatrician or lactation consultant if your baby seems to not be eating at regular times or isn’t gaining weight at a healthy pace.

* Environment: You can facilitate better sleep for your new baby by creating a quiet, dark environment in a dedicated area. Babies should always be laid on their backs. Baby should not be allowed to tummy-time during the day. To help your baby sleep, make sure there are no pillows, blankets or toys around. To help your baby associate going to bed with a bath or reading, you can create a bedtime routine.

* Education: Learn about your baby and you’ll soon recognize his or her cues about being ready to sleep, such as eye rubbing. Don’t neglect naptime. You should not neglect naptime. Infants tend to be awake only for short periods of time, so taking daytime naps can help with nighttime sleep. Once your baby is comfortable, you can place him/her in the crib. This will allow them to learn and recall where and how they fell asleep.

Gantcher suggests that parents be consistent in their sleep habits, but to be patient with your child as they develop. Children need sleep to stay awake and alert. A happy family is one that has more energy and is better able to explore the world.

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