Many families associate school with routines and maintaining busy lives that keep them all on the move. This is especially true for families who have to manage school and extracurricular activities. It’s important to start small and take the right steps. healthy habitsThis will help them get through school and last a lifetime.

It’s simple to get started. Experts agree that children need to have a healthy routine in order to develop healthy habits. Brandi Chastain is a mom, mentor, and Olympic and world soccer champ. “To keep my family on track, I like to incorporate a few simple rules for healthy living into our busy lives,”She continues.

1. You must hydrate to be able to perform well. Children should drink water before, after and during exercise. Exercise generates heat, which raises the body’s core temperature. Water works to reduce that temperature to the normal 98.6 F. So let your child choose a fun water bottle and make it enjoyable.

2. Healthy meals are important. USDA suggests that half of our plates should contain colorful fruits and vegetables. However, when children run from school to practice and back to school, it can be hard to get them to eat a healthy meal. You can give your kids Libby’s Single Fruit Cups as a nutritious snack. Each cup contains one full serving of fruit.

3. Sleep is essential. A child should get eight to nine hours sleep per night. Children will not be able to achieve their full potential in school, practice, and games if they don’t get enough rest. Your children will be more likely to adhere to a regular sleeping schedule if they are made to have fun at bedtime.

4. Make exercise a family affair. Exercise can feel tedious if it is done alone. Get the whole family involved and exercise can become a family activity. Your kids will love to play double Dutch, soccer or kickball with you.

5. Be an example. If you are a role model, your children will be more inclined to follow. While it may be tempting to pull over at the drive-thru while driving home from practice, try to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. You can be a role model to your children by being active and eating healthy foods like Libby’s Fruits & Vegetables. It is easier to make it a team effort.

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