Americans often focus on the “active” part of exercise. They want to lift more weight and run more miles. However, you can build muscle when you recover from exercising. Athletes of all levels now pay equal attention to their recovery and exercise periods. Many consider sports massage a crucial tool in their recovery.

A sports massage is a special type of massage that helps athletes to achieve their best performance and conditioning. The areas that are most affected by a specific type of exercise are usually the ones that therapists focus on. A sports massage for a cyclist might focus on the quads while one for a swimmer would work more on the chest, upper back, and shoulders.

“Sports massage benefits all types of athletes; from the weekend warrior to the serious competitor. Receiving sports massage on a regular basis can increase muscle flexibility, reduce pain and inflammation from overuse during physical activity and promote faster recovery time,”CG Funk, Vice President of Product Development at Massage Envy.

Massage Envy suggests sports massage. Massages after events help athletes recover from competitions. They increase circulation to relieve fatigue, toxins, and soreness.

Trainee massage can help athletes get the most out their workouts. Sport massage can help athletes work harder and faster by reducing the risk of injury to often-used muscles.

Professional athletes may also schedule pre-event massages. This is because massaging muscles before a workout speeds up their recovery.

However, massage isn’t just for professional athletes. Massage can be beneficial to anyone who does physical activity such as runners, swimmers and weightlifters.

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