Americans are experts in conserving fossil fuels when it comes to cars. They carpool, ride trains, bike, and walk short distances. However, boaters are often left clinging to their pumps.

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Marine Groupwww.yamahaoutboards.comThis is a tip from, an outboard motor brand that is well-known for its reliability.

Don’t rock your boat. Boats can be heavier than expected due to the addition of water tanks, coolers and gear. Additional weight can make motors work harder and reduce their fuel efficiency. You should only take what you absolutely need when you go out.

– Do basic maintenance on your outboard. A well-maintained and maintained outboard uses less fuel than one that has been neglected. Even oil can contribute to fuel economy. Fresh oil decreases friction. Reduced friction means less work for your engine.

Use the right propeller A poorly-fitting propeller can be the reason for poor performance in many boats.

“Our customer service representatives deal with performance and fuel-consumption issues on a daily basis,”Steve Friedrich, Yamaha Marine Group technical services manager. “Choices in propeller specifications -; pitch, diameter, blade shape -; are most often based upon best predictions of how customers will use their boats. The best way to ensure economy and performance is to prop the boat for the normal load and boating conditions.”

Find out what you normally carry to choose the right propeller. How many people are you? How many people? Find out the boat’s weight and then give it to your dealer. Next, test the propeller in actual load conditions or with ballast equal to the expected load.

When loading the boat, make sure the propeller is at its maximum rpm. The boat will perform at its best when it has a constant peak rpm and is operated with wide-open throttle.