Many parents are planning to travel this spring. Now is the time to bring fun toys to make a road trip to Grandma’s or Grandpa’s house a learning experience.

Experts recommend that children learn through play, whether they are playing peek-aboo, singing nursery rhymes, or reading books to them.

“Engaging children in play at an early age is incredibly beneficial to their physical and mental development, but it’s important that they’re getting the right kinds of interaction,”Dr. Lise Elliott, an early brain development expert, was a member the expert panel at VTech. VTech is a leader in interactive learning toys and games for all ages.

To make sure that every child has the best toy, VTechIt works closely with Eliot and its expert panel early childhood education experts to ensure that toys help children reach important milestones. This resulted in a wide range of over 100 learning products for babies, toddlers, and preschool that are suited to each child’s age and stage.

“Learning begins at birth, and babies absorb much more than we realize from their moment-to-moment interactions with the world around them,”Dr. Eliot. “As parents strive to do what’s best for their child, they can introduce activities that help him or her learn through play. Babies are strongly motivated to reach developmental milestones all by themselves, and toys in VTech’s baby line can encourage them, make learning fun and grow with your little one over those important early years.”

VTech’s milestones guide makes it easy to determine which toy is right. These toys are great for traveling, including:

* For babies, VTech’s Crinkle & Roar Lion features buttons, sounds and tactile fabrics for little hands to discover, and a baby-safe mirror to help introduce self-awareness. You can attach it to strollers, carriers and other toys, making it a great take-along toy.

* Infants will love the working Spin & Learn Color Flashlight, which introduces opposites, colors, letters and animals. You can have them spin the color-changing rings and explore buttons to play interactive games, hear nature sounds, or listen to fun melodies.

* For long car rides, the Count and Learn Turtle encourages early math skills with toddlers and preschoolers, and lets them explore colors, shapes and instruments. Fun repeating sequence games allow kids to exercise their memory skills and hand-eye coordination.

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