Parents want their children get high school grades. Create a learning environment in your home.

“Sometimes, parents think helping their child complete his homework, or even doing their child’s homework for him, will help him achieve better grades in school,”Richard E. Bavaria (Ph.D.), senior vice president, education outreach at Sylvan Learning. “Often, it’s just the opposite, creating a situation where children have not learned the concepts they are later tested on in the classroom.”

Parents can help students by creating an environment where they work with their child in order to accomplish school tasks efficiently. Sylvan Learning provides these tips for parents to help them create a customized homework plan that will ensure school success.

– Set goals. Your child should set goals that are personal and achievable for each class. Also, help her to identify the steps she will need to achieve each goal. She will have to do her homework and take part in class in order to get an A in American history.

Know Your Child. Each child is unique. Every child has different learning styles and academic requirements. Parents need to personalize learning for their children. Many educators recognize three main learning styles. While children learn in different ways every day, there is a common tendency to use one style of learning. Your child will be more successful if you support him to work in his own style. Visit the website to learn more about your child’s learning style. “Resources for Parents”The area of

– Set up a homework zone. You will need a dictionary, paper, and pens to set up your study space. You should keep the area clear of any distractions.

– Develop class files. Create a color-coded class file with tabs for homework, exams, and projects for your child. This will allow your child to refer back to the class materials while studying for tests.

Celebrate your successes throughout the year. Recognize your child’s achievements when she meets weekly milestones. You can show your confidence in your child’s academic abilities and reward her for the little things like organizing her study space and improving her concentration.

Talk with your child about homework difficulties. Even children who are doing well in school can still benefit from extra help to improve their study and test-taking skills.

Visit this site to find additional educational resources for pre-K-12 students. www.Tutoring.SylvanLearning.comOr call 1-800-31-SUCCESS