Diabetes complications are the leading cause of lower-leg amputations. They account for almost 86,000 total amputations each year. A majority of these amputations could be prevented, according to doctors.

“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for a person with diabetes to pay rigorous attention to their feet. Foot infections are the most common issue for a person with diabetes and are more severe and take longer to heal than in a person without diabetes,”Dr. Alan Farber is a doctor of podiatric medicine.

Farber added, “Proper foot care is simple and includes things like using an antifungal daily, not only to heal, but also to prevent fungal infections, and using a moisturizer daily to heal and prevent dry, cracked skin.”

Are you thorough enough with your foot care? Find out more:

* Whether indoors on plush rugs or outdoors on white sand, never walk barefoot. Podiatrists recommend wearing wide, closed-toed shoes and socks that fit well. Shoes shouldn’t be too tight. “breaking in.”

* Clean feet daily with warm water and mild soap, but don’t soak them for more than three or four minutes. Too long submersion can cause skin to become more sensitive and macerated.

* Cracks in dry skin provide ideal openings for bacteria. L-Arginine can be found in moisturizing creams like DiabetiDerm Foot Remeending Cream. L-Arginine stimulates healthy blood flow to help heal cracked or dry skin. This cream can only be purchased in the diabetic section at your favorite superstore or drugstore.

* Under no circumstances should you shave or attempt to remove calluses or corns. Instead, bring them to your podiatrist for special shoes. Make sure to get a cream specifically for diabetes, which can be used every day.

* Meticulously inspect feet, toes and toenails for swelling, cuts, blisters, redness, fungal buildup or any type of irritation on a daily basis. To check for fungus if your toenails have become thicker, consult a podiatrist. An antifungal may be recommended if fungus is detected. Walgreens, Rite Aid and Rite Aid all carry DiabetiDerm Antifungal Cream containing L-Arginine. L-Arginine is known to stimulate blood flow and speed up healing.

Learn more about footcare at www.diabeticproducts.com.

The pace of life today is rapid. People can check their kids’ soccer scores on the phone, while also sending emails to work with the help of digital technology. With the advent of the Internet, consumers can expect the same conveniences from all services and businesses except their insurance companies. For many people struggling to pay their medical bills, this can seem like a long wait, even though 98 percent of claims for health insurance are processed in 30 days.

It’s not enough to simply be insured when nearly two-thirds American households make less than 2002. It’s vital to understand how quickly and efficiently your insurance carrier pays claims. This is important for both financial and medical recovery.

Recent research found that 66% would not be able to adjust to the high financial cost of serious illnesses or injuries. Only 49% have enough money to cover out-of pocket expenses. Additionally, rising healthcare costs are forcing employers into cost-saving measures that are putting employees under greater financial pressure.

* Increasing employees’ health care insurance copayments.

* Increasing employees’ share of premium.

* Implementing high-deductible health plans with health savings accounts.

Some people might have to wait as long as a month to receive their insurance payments. Many insurance companies strive to provide fast service with better technology and better understanding of customers’ needs. This is just one example. AflacIt is almost rare for insurance companies to offer policies that include claims processing, approval, and payment in a single day.

In the past, fast payment policies were a luxury. It is a necessity in today’s world. It is more important than ever that you have money available immediately for serious injuries or illnesses. You should ensure that your insurance company can move at your pace.

Aflac’s One Day Pay Promise can be found at aflac.com/onedaypay.