While you may feel comfortable with sunblock on your head and shoulders, it is possible that you are neglecting to protect your feet from skin cancer.

Podiatrists believe that the increased incidence of melanoma of the feet may be due to how easily people can ignore this area of the body. Some people may not even think about protecting their feet from the sun.

“People put sunblock on their face and arms, so bad burns aren’t common the way they used to be,”Dr. Arnold Ravick is a podiatrist who is also a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association. “But people don’t put sunblock on their feet, which are covered up most of the time.”

The APMA advises you to always think about your feet when relaxing at the beach or pool. Sunscreen should be applied to all feet and reapplied after you are in the water. The APMA warns against walking barefoot as it can cause sunburns, plantar warts and athlete’s feet.

Melanomas can occur anywhere on the feet, even under the toenails. These moles can be non-painful and appear as abnormally-looking moles or pigmented areas.

You should make sure you check your ankles and feet for spots. This is especially important if you have a family history. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Early detection can greatly increase your chances of recovery.

Next time you are out in the open, don’t forget to check the condition of your feet. Collecting seashells is much more fun than collecting medical bill.

You can find more information on foot health at www.foothealth.com www.apma.org.

Today’s life is very fast. People can check their kids’ soccer scores on the phone, while also sending emails to work with the help of digital technology. Consumers can expect the same conveniences and benefits from all businesses, except their insurance companies, thanks to the internet age. While 98 per cent of insurance claims are processed within 30 working days, it can be frustrating for those who have difficulty paying their medical bills.

The fact that almost two-thirds American households make less than 2002 is a reason why being insured isn’t enough. It is vital to understand how quickly and efficiently your insurance carrier pays claims. This is critical for both financial recovery and physical recovery.

Recent research found that 66% would not be able to adjust to the high financial cost of serious illnesses or injuries. Only 49% have enough money to cover out-of pocket expenses. Employers are being forced to take cost-saving measures due to rising health care costs, which is putting even more financial pressure on employees.

* Increasing employees’ health care insurance copayments.

* Increasing employees’ share of premium.

* Implementing high-deductible health plans with health savings accounts.

A lot of people will have to wait for up to a few months before receiving their insurance payments. Many insurance companies strive to provide fast service with better technology and better understanding of customers’ needs. This is one example. AflacIt is almost rare for insurance companies to offer policies that include claims processing, approval, and payment in a single day.

In the past, fast payment policies were a luxury. It is a necessity in today’s world. It is more important than ever that you have money available immediately for serious injuries or illnesses. Your insurance company should be able to respond quickly.

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