Researchers calculated that Americans would lose 10 pounds per year if they doubled their fiber intake.

Americans consume far less fiber that they should. The National Fiber Council recommends that adults consume 32g of fiber daily. However, most Americans consume just 15g.

The NFC gave birth to the free “Dining In or Dining Out”Pocket guide to assist Americans in their search for healthier eating habits This guide contains everything you need to know about stocking healthy meals and how to prepare them. “Dining In or Dining Out”High-fiber cooking is possible with the help of this guide

“The pocket guide includes tips from how to order when you’re dining out, to packing a healthy lunch,”Pat Baird (M.A.), R.D.F.A.D.A. and vice-chair of the NFC.

The guide recommends that white bread be replaced with whole-grain breads, pita pockets or tortillas. Also, it suggests that you substitute sliced or dried fruit in peanut butter sandwiches by substituting jam made from sliced or dried fruit.

This guide also includes a list with high-fiber options for those who like to eat out. “Who among us hasn’t been tempted by linguini alfredo at his or her favorite Italian restaurant,”Baird. “The pocket guide provides high-fiber alternatives for these tough moments. Instead of linguini alfredo, why not try a bowl of whole-wheat pasta with chicken and broccoli?”

Other tips for dining out include starting with a salad and scanning the menu for entrées and side dishes that contain fruits, beans, grains or vegetables -; if it’s listed on the menu, you should be able to order it as a side regardless of your chosen entrée.

“If you don’t see high-fiber foods on the menu, ask your server if the chef can prepare an alternative dish,”Baird was also added

According to the pocket guide, consumers who want to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables like blueberries, raspberries, and beans should buy more apples, blueberries and raspberries.

For a free quote, please click here “Dining In or Dining Out”Pocket guide available at the NFC’s Website www.nationalfibercouncil.orgOr call us at 866-749-5296.

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