People take advantage of sunny days when the grey skies of winter are replaced by beautiful, sunny ones. They go outside to enjoy a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, gardening, and even golfing. After the fun has ended, some people experience aches and pains. This can significantly impact your outdoor activities.

It is possible to quickly soothe sore muscles, aching feet, and other ailments. Absorbine Jr., for instance, can be used to provide liquid relief right at the point where pain is felt. This will allow you to get back outdoors in no time.

Although it is helpful to have a quick remedy, prevention may be better. Here are some tips to help you enjoy pain-free activity in your life.

* Choose good shoes. Your shoes should fit correctly. Avoid shoes that restrict your feet’ ability to move naturally and freely when you are hiking or walking.

* Make physical activity a daily priority. Regular activity will reduce the likelihood of you feeling the aches and discomforts that are common for those who do not exercise regularly.

* Use a topical pain reliever regularly. Rub Absorbine Jr. liquid on sore muscles after a hard day. Calendula, Echinacea and wormwood are all natural botanical extracts that can soothe the most sensitive areas of the body.

* Warm up. Before you begin any exercise, warm up your muscles. Do at least 10 minutes of stretching your shoulders, back and upper legs. After you’re done with your exercise, take a break and stretch your muscles.

* Make use of proper equipment. You should ensure that all equipment you use for any activity is properly fitted and the right size to suit your skill level, age, and physical strength.

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