Ticking water bombs are found in many homes constructed between 1970 and mid-1990s.

Contractors believed that polybutylene pipes (PB) would revolutionize home plumbing. PB pipes are lightweight and easy to install. They also cost half as much as copper plumbing.

PB plumbing was the norm in the Mid-Atlantic and Sun Belt states. Experts estimate that PB plumbing is present in 6 to 10 million homes constructed between 1978 and 1995.

Problem? The problem is that PB pipes and fittings are affected by chlorine, which is a chemical found in all public water supplies. Pipes can fracture and leak small amounts of water. These plumbing systems can abruptly fail.

Two class-action lawsuits were filed after PB plumbing failures caused millions in damages in the 1980s. Cox versus Shell remains open through 2009.

PB pipes are usually blue or gray when they reach the home from the main water supply, but can also be white or black. Copper and PB pipes are sometimes connected together so homeowners may not be able to identify the material of their pipes without professional assistance.

Installing new plumbing systems may be necessary for homeowners with PB plumbing. In today’s difficult economy, however, it might not be possible to replace PB plumbing in an older American home.

The new products allow homeowners to protect their homes from PB pipe failures. The FloLogic system is a new product.www.flologic.comThe FloLogic System acts as a circuit breaker for plumbing system. The FloLogic System monitors a home’s whole water system via the water main.

FloLogic turns off water supply to the area if there is a leak. The alarm sounds at the keypad. An alarm can be linked to a homeowner’s security system so they are instantly notified of any problems.

The FloLogic system is capable of preventing both water waste and damage. Insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners who install the FloLogic system.

A home with PB pipes will eventually experience water system failure. The FloLogic system provides homeowners protection against their old plumbing.

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