No matter what season it is, fresh herbs can be used to spice up your meals. You can easily add flavor to your dishes with container gardening, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

Container gardens are one the fastest growing trends in gardening due to their portability, ease of planting and low maintenance. It takes just a few minutes to bring some life to your kitchen.

These are five simple steps to get fresh, healthy herbs.

1. Make sure you choose the right container. Important factors are the type and size of your container. There are many container options, so be creative. It will depend on the number of plants you wish to grow. The container should be large enough to allow root growth to occur. Good drainage is key to success.

2. Start with seeds and existing plants. There are many options for getting your container garden going. It’s easier than you might think to get your plants started. You can plant directly from seeds or chop off a portion of your outside plants. The average time it takes for seeds to germinate is one week. Most outdoor plants can recover quickly by removing about two-thirds or more of their top growth.

3. Use a high-quality medium for growing. It doesn’t matter if you use a commercially-prepared artificial mixture or a potting mix, make sure it is nutrient rich. Your local soil may not have the right balance of nutrients for your plants to thrive.

4. It should receive adequate sunlight. At least five hours of direct sun per day is required for your container garden. Fluorescent lighting can be used if window lighting is not possible.

5. To keep your plants happy and healthy, you should water and feed them regularly. Because their roots aren’t able to expand, container plants can run out of food very quickly. Mix controlled-release fertilizer powders into the soil mixture. You can also apply liquid fertilizer every other watering. Remember that each plant has different nutrient requirements, so make sure to check the individual herb’s requirements. Remember to water your plants if they feel dry.

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