People often claim they are searching for happiness and peace after the stressful holidays. Sadhguru, a yogi and spiritual teacher, believes that many joy seekers are looking in the wrong places. Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation and activist socially, has written a book about finding joy in oneself instead of looking for it outside. His book, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy (Spiegel & Grau Hardcover/Random House, September 20, 2016), emphasizes that self-awareness is one of the keys to unlocking a life of joy from the inside.

Sadhguru, in an interview with Yoga Journal, stated that happiness comes from creating. “inner chemistry of blissfulness where being joyful is not being subject to something outside of you.”

“[If] someone or something can make you happy or unhappy, [that] means what happens within you is determined by an aspect outside of you. This is the worst form of slavery,”He insists.

Sadhanas are daily guidance that help people live a joyful life by looking within. Sadhguru starts by asking readers to define a state or condition of well-being. It is a feeling of pleasure. “When pleasantness is within, it is termed peace, joy, happiness,”He writes.

He encourages people to be happy within themselves to create joy and happiness in the world. “When you are in a pleasant inner state, you are naturally pleasant to everyone and everything around you,”He notes. “Inner pleasantness is a surefire insurance for the making of a peaceful society and a joyful world.”

Yoga Journal’s editors suggest these meditations to help you find inner joy through invoking a sense of well-being.

*Breathe deeply, relax, and think of a time of great joy and well-being.

*Try to remember all the details of that joyful experience, including sights, sounds, and smells, and try to recall how your mind and body felt in that moment.

*Practice recalling your joyful moment each day for a week, and ultimately you may be able to tune in to the general feeling of joy without recalling the specific occasion.

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