The latest design from Genie BagsYou can carry and tap into your favorite drink on the go.

The “T-Bag”This patent-pending backpack dispensing tea, water or other beverage is now available. It’s discreet, effective, refillable, and simple to use. Just lift the flap, open its spout and you can quench your thirst whenever you like. You can choose from camouflage, khaki or nylon in a durable nylon fabric. This backpack will go well with a variety of casual outfits and is suitable for many different activities. The straps are easy to adjust and comfortable to use. T-Bag is designed for college students, athletes, busy moms, and friends gathering to catch-up.

The T-Bag now joins the Genie bags product line of elegant, functional beverage-carrier bag handbags: Cosmo and NY Nights. Each one holds the beverage you choose in a stylish, safe and durable container.

T-Bags are a stylish, practical, and discreet way to transport your beverage to any concert, sporting event, or other place where it might not be possible to bring your beverage of choice.

Beth Walters invented the T-Bags/Genie Bags line. A consummate designer, Beth Walters has an eye for innovation and design. Her desire to get instant gratification with her favorite beverage is what made it possible for Beth Walters to create the T-Bags/Genie Bags. Her motivation? A desire to combine convenience and necessity while keeping class and dignity. Genie Bags can bring significant cost savings, which is an added benefit. You can save money by bringing 2 liters of liquid with you to events, rather than paying the venue a higher drink price. And you don’t need to wait for a waiter.

Genie bags can also be used to support worthy causes. Genie Bags are sold in partnership with the Gift of Health Foundation to support disabled veterans and other people in need.

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