Holiday celebrations can add up to a lot of weight. We always end up a little heavier after all the holiday festivities, including parties, dinners, cocktails, and cookie exchanges. Americans can keep their weight down by exercising and dieting, as many of you know.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult and many people lose sight of the goal. Dietcare is a weight management company. They offer these simple tips to help you stay healthy throughout the holidays.

Start your day with breakfast. It’s easy to feel guilty about skipping breakfast, especially if it’s a busy day or you plan on eating a buffet for dinner. Eating a healthy breakfast like an apple with peanut sauce or oatmeal can help you boost your metabolism. Too much sugar can lead to sugar cravings so eating breakfast is a good way to control how much you eat.

Plan ahead. You should plan ahead if you are going to a party at night. Eat light throughout the day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are filling without adding extra calories. For lunch, opt for low-calorie options such as soups or salads made from broth.

Be careful with your portion sizes. You wouldn’t eat four meals at home so don’t go back to the buffet. Fill your plate only once. Eat raw vegetables or fruit salad if you still feel hungry after the first portion. Get soda water to feel satisfied without adding calories.

– Stop picking at food. It’s easy to get distracted by the tempting temptation of eating small bites after bite when food is in front. Those little bites can quickly add-up. Consider how full you are before you eat another mini quiche. Stop eating if you don’t feel full.

Be careful with the alcohol. Holiday toasts are high in sugar, carbs, and fat. Alcohol can also lower inhibitions about food. Mixers are not recommended. Instead, choose red wine or white wine, champagne, or light beer.

Keep moving. You shouldn’t let your busy holiday schedule stop you from getting active. Enjoy winter activities, like skating, skiing or sledding. Take your dog on a walk, or build a snowman together with the kids.

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