This holiday season is when we get to spend time with family and friends that we haven’t seen since last Christmas. Of course, we want our best.

According to research, the smile is what we first notice about someone. Psychology tells us that people who have whiter teeth show a more youthful and vibrant state of health. This is something we want to be known for. Most people think of old age when they see yellow teeth. A yellow smile can make you look 10 years older.

Unfortunately, some adults may find it difficult to maintain a healthy smile. This can lead to costly dental bills. Even worse, some people resort to cheaper products in retail stores to whiten their smiles.

Dr. Harold Katz is an actual! “Dentist to the Stars,” has been able to create a very simple-to-use home kit that combines his professional-strength teeth whitening formula with natural desensitizers. You will have a radiant smile that is free from sensitivity. The secret formula that he uses at his Beverly Hills clinic is also available at

Dr. Katz also created a pen that can brighten teeth using a bleaching gel. Just apply the FDA-approved whitening solution to your teeth. Once it dries, you can start hosting the most glamourous holiday parties.

You can also find other dental tips that will keep your teeth shining at Christmas, despite the rich food and sweet treats.

* Eat sweets with large, well-balanced meals. For large meals, the body produces more saliva than for snacks. Your teeth will be more sensitive if you have more saliva.

* Avoid chewy treats. Sticky foods take longer to chew than other foods and can damage teeth. This includes dried fruits like raisins, as well as gummy snacks.

* Rinse with water after eating acidic foods and drinks. To prevent enamel erosion, rinse your mouth with water after you have had a glass of wine or citrus fruits.