It doesn’t matter if you want to camp overnight or hike, planning is key to making your trip enjoyable.

It is a good idea to pack graham crackers or marshmallows. But your light source could make or break your trip.

We are all used to seeing headlights and streetlights at night. It’s easy to forget how dark the woods can get. A flashlight is a must for every camper. A larger flashlight will be needed to provide enough light for you to work. Although propane lanterns are commonly associated with the great outdoors and the great outdoors, they may not be the best option. Propane lanterns can make noise and are not suitable for camping. Propane lanterns are dangerous because they produce heat.

LED worklights are safer and more convenient. The Might-D-Light is one light.www.might-d-light.comThe hinge of the Might-D-Light can be moved to create a large spray or directional light for close work. You can attach the Might-D-Light to any metal surface with its rare earth magnets. It can also hang from a hook, or stand upright. This makes it easy for you to use while doing tasks that require both your hands such as setting up a tent in the dark, or striking matches. You can recharge the Might-D-Light with an AC/DC adapter. This means that you don’t need to bring fuel or batteries if you drive to your campsite.

How can the Might-D-Light help make your trip more fun? It can be used in a wide variety of situations including:

* Any activity that takes place in your tent or camper. Do you need a sweater? The Might-D-Lite will save you from having to fiddle with a flashlight and putting yourself at risk of a fire hazard by bringing your propane lamp indoors.

* Playing games. If you don’t plan to go to bed before the sun sets, it is worth bringing games to keep you entertained. A hands-free folding light will make it easy to play cards or beat the others at slapjack.

* Keeping cool. The Might-D-Lite doesn’t emit heat so it won’t make your campsite too hot.

* Hiking. The Might-D-Light folds down for compact storage. It is also more durable than a propane lantern making it great for backcountry trips.

* Around pets and children. An LED light is a safer alternative to burning fuel.