Lover Boy “Lover Boy”
Stephen Kronwith M.D.

In a comedy cabaret, a beautiful detective and a lustful doctor clash in the murder of a billionaire, his gorgeous widow, and an aging, amorous assassin.

Dr. Joseph Peck has a vice: he is addicted to love. One other secret is that his best friend, a retired Mafia Don, is his best friend. Anna Franklin finds out this secret. Her husband is also seeking divorce. This leaves her with a pittance rather than billions if he dies soon.

Anna calls on her friends and the Don knows one former associate to help him. Lover Boy is a man who, even though he is on Social Security, can still live up to his deadly reputation and nickname. Purchase at

The Shade under the Mango Tree“The Shade Under The Mango Tree”
by Evy Journey

A story of courage and resilience that binds people.

Luna is looking for an adventure after two devastating losses. Lucien, a worldly young architect, finds a stranger’s journal at a café. He feels guilty about having read it. However, he doesn’t let this stop him. His decision will change his life.

Luna and Lucien finally meet in a bookstore several months later. Luna, fascinated by his stories, and inspired by his spirit, visits a small, rural village that grows rice in a country with a rich history and an ancient culture. The surprises she encounters are beyond what she could have ever imagined. Buy at

By Dr. Augustus White III

Twenty inspiring profiles of women and men who have overcome great odds to triumph over adversity.

Our lives have been forever changed by the coronavirus COVID-19. It has presented us with an unprecedented amount of adversity. What can we do to find the strength to face the challenges?

Overcoming is the key to the answers. We can also learn lessons from everyday heroes who were able to overcome life’s challenges. Dr. Augustus White III is a pioneering physician who has been through a lot of adversity. He also created an indispensable guide on how to survive in a post-coronavirus environment. Get it at

Khaled Talib

At an ancient café in Cairo, two veteran spies plot a covert mission to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The promise: Israel will make a significant concession in the peace treaty. Jethro Westrope is a Singapore magazine journalist who stumbles upon the scene of a crime. Niki Kishwani, the beautiful woman, directs him to a digital recorder. This evidence puts Jethro’s safety in grave danger. Even worse, he’s framed for Niki’s murder.

Jethro sets out in search of Niki’s killer, but is entangled in a web that involves officials from the US, Israel, and Singaporean governments. Each has a potentially fatal agenda. Jethro race against this pulse-pounding backdrop to save himself and find answers. Buy at

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