The opinions of Boomers and their children on nearly everything are different. This is particularly true for hearing loss.

Siemens sponsors a new Applied Research study called “The Cost of Hearing Loss”Research has shown that 72 percent believe their hearing is normal or better. Children of Boomers report that 70% of their relatives suggested that their father get his hearing tested, and 64% suggested that the same be done for their mother. Only 32 percent of Boomers believe a family member suggested that they have their hearing tested.

Survey conducted May 2009 with 500 respondents. This included 250 Boomers and 250 kids of Boomers. Boomers are more confident in their hearing than the average. However, many of them wish their spouse and children had their hearing tested.

Even if hearing aids are necessary, many stigmas discourage hearing impaired people from considering hearing devices.

* 75 percent of Boomers currently do not use nor are they considering hearing aids.

* 34 percent say they look awkward.

* 29 percent say they make you look old.

* 25 percent say they are uncomfortable.

* 23 percent say they are too hard to buy.

* 20 percent say it is because they don’t work.

* 15 percent say they make you look weak.

There is a huge disconnect between the Boomers’ children and their parents about the effects of hearing loss. A large number of people worldwide are affected by hearing loss. They are affected in many different ways. Hearing loss can cause anxiety, depression, isolation, and loneliness over time. If you leave hearing loss untreated, it can lead to a psychological condition. It is crucial to find a solution quickly.

There are many different styles and colors of hearing instruments. Every hearing instrument is custom-made to meet the individual’s hearing requirements. There are three types: custom, behind the-ear (BTE), behind the-ear open-fitting (RIC) and receiver-in–canal (RIC).

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