The baby boomer generation is the most difficult group to shop for at the holidays. They have everything they need, no matter if they are part of your immediate family or close friends. It’s crucial to give them something practical and fun that they can use, not just keep on the shelf.

These gift ideas for boomers can be used to show your appreciation and to simplify communication.

* Atomic watch. For your boomer, get a sturdy atomic watch (www.atomictimedirect.comThey won’t need another watch again. The handsome collection of watches made by E. Howard and Co. is automatically calibrated to U.S. Atomic Clock Fort Collins, Col. and is as beautiful as it gets. It will take 6,000,000 years before an atomic watch can lose one second.

* Cell phone. The Jitterbug cell phones are as stylish and user-friendly as they come. With bigger buttons and pre-programmed phone numbers, the Jitterbug will be a phone that your boomer will want to show everyone. Plans start at just $10 per month. Visit for more information.

* Floor lamp. As we age our eyes naturally weaken. Lamps with full spectrum lighting (www.balancedspectrum.comThe following have been shown to improve mood, cognitive function, and reduce eye strain. The Balance Spectrum lamp makes indoor activities easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re reading the latest Tom Clancy novel or solving a word puzzle.