Millennials desire to travel the world. Boston Consulting Group’s study found that Americans 18-34 have a 23 per cent higher desire to travel overseas. This group has a higher travel spending than the rest, despite the economic recovery.

These 80 million Americans want authenticity and adventure when they travel. Their top priorities are international travel and cultural adventures. Adventure cruising on an ecofriendly ship is a great option for travelers.

Star Clippers’This cruise line is perfect for millennials because it offers soft-adventure and healthful activities as well as unique ports of calls. They can visit multiple countries on one vacation with a comfortable and authentic tall ship.

The small size of the ships, which can carry just 170 or 227 passengers, gives the feeling of a private yacht. You can also find special itineraries that take you to exciting places, such as the Cannes Film Festival and Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez yacht racing regatta. These itineraries take you through the Caribbean in winter, and the Mediterranean in summer. They also visit smaller ports that are less well-traveled by large cruise liners.

Relaxed atmosphere is the norm on board. The open deck layout encourages guests on board to climb the mast and enjoy the panoramic view from above. A congenial atmosphere is created by events such as sunrise yoga or a pirate-themed party.

Activities on the shore include both historical and athletic pursuits. Popular water sports include snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding. You can also enjoy a day at the port by biking through Croatia or relaxing at a beach barbecue.

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