Many businesses today struggle to survive in today’s economic environment. When times get tough, the creative ones are the ones that come up with innovative solutions. Businesses find new ways to motivate employees, keep clients happy, and attract new customers.

Businesses are more hurt than they benefit from discounts and sales, believe it or not. To stand out in a sea of businesses offering sales, you need a substantial discount. If you put items or services on sale too often customers will wait until the next sale before buying. This will result in a lower profit per sale.

What drives sales? Happy customers. Friendly, competent employees are more likely to be customers. Instead of devaluing products, companies should find ways to improve customer services while attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones.

One Wisconsin bank has found the solution in travel incentives. Motivation Advantage was hired by the Madison Branch of Anchor Bank to manage a promotion for travel incentives in all 60 of its locations. Motivation Advantage developed a three-day, 2-night package that customers could use to take a trip to nearby towns and states, as well as as as far as California or Florida.

When customers selected the branch to obtain a loan, they were offered vacation getaway packages. The bank also made sure its customers who are regular customers were eligible for the incentive by refinancing or taking out an equity loan.

Participants also included employees. Participants who encouraged customers to take out loans could be eligible for vacations.

The desire to travel is a strong motivator. Travel incentives are attractive because ninety-one per cent of Americans go on vacation each year. Such incentives are a smart way for companies to improve employee morale and retain valued customers, launch new products, or attract new business.

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