Summertime means outdoor barbecues and playing baseball, as well as time at the beach or pool. Although outdoor activities are abundant and common, they can pose a problem for the 9,000,000 users of smokeless tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco users have to contend with the unattractive, telltale symptoms. “spit cup.”One, clear bottles can be a source of discomfort for others. A large chew-ing tobacco pipettoon isn’t an option. Neither is a dip cup. Spills can cause messy cleanups that can prove difficult to clean up.

So what can a smoker of smokeless tobacco do in the summer?

Everett Dickson says CEO of FLASRThe portable spittoon was created by a tobacco accessory manufacturer based in Atlanta (OTCQB FLSR).

“The small size of the FLASR portable tobacco flask allows users to enjoy smokeless tobacco unobtrusively in public without unwanted attention,”Dickson. “Whether you are fishing, at-tending an outdoor sporting event, heading to your company’s picnic or enjoying a ballgame, FLASR is great for a variety of summer activities.”

According to the company’s website, its new pocket spittoon, weighing in at 4 ounces, is designed to be operated with one hand. It can be carried anywhere and used for all purposes. “an elegant and easy-to-use solution for taking your favorite tobacco products along wherever your travels lead you.”

FLASR is the original tobacco flask. It has an innovative closing mechanism. This ensures that the FLASR stays closed when it’s not being used, eliminating any risk of spills or leaks commonly seen with bottles and cups.

The company intends to design variations of the product in order to offer consumers more design options. This includes brands for sports teams, hobbies, and other interests. FLASR can be purchased in 400 retail stores in 10 states as well as online.

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