Pioneering new product solutions can transform any bathroom from a water-and-money-waster to a water-and-cash-saver without sacrificing style or performance. You think your bathroom can’t provide significant cash savings? Try again.

Let’s do some math with the Water Savings Standard. Consider this:

* Install new 1.28-gallon-per-flush (gpf) high-efficiency toilets to replace older (pre-1990) 3.5 gpf toilets currently in your home. The average toilet is flushed 12 times per hour, so replacing two toilets with newer models will save you $118 and 19,447 gallons of water each year.

* Replace three 2.2-gallon-per-minute (gpm) faucets with 0.5 gpm WaterSense-labeled faucets and use them the same 40 minutes per day. You save $451 and 74.460 Gallons per year.

* Swap out two 3.0 gpm showerheads for new 1.5 gpm models and save $265 and 43,800 gallons per year.

Use the calculator to calculate how much money your household could save in a year. It will help you estimate the cost of more than four swimming pool’s worth.

Combining a new generation plumbing product with high performance makes it more attractive to save money and bulk up your wallet. These are some tips to help you choose the right products for your bathroom.

* Look for the WaterSense label. The Environmental Protection Agency created this label to ensure that products use less water by 20% or more, without compromising performance. WaterSense labels are currently available for high efficiency toilets (HETs), and faucets. American Standard toilets are the highest-efficiency toilets that can flush more than 2 pounds of solids. All American Standard bathroom faucets are WaterSense-certified, and they comply with stringent new no-lead requirements.

* Keep performance front and center when going green. Conserving without sacrificing performance should be the goal. The H2Option Dual Flush HET uses as little as 1.0 gallons of water at the light setting. It scours the bowl using a push-and-pull siphonic motion. This is made possible by a quiet but powerful jetted action below the rim. The FloWise 3-function showerhead offers a full 2.5-gallon flow rate. An internal turbine can also deliver invigorating sprays at lower water usage settings.