Each year brings new opportunities for young homeowners to improve their home. 2012 is no exception.

You can feel the momentum build as each task, from kitchen remodeling to hardwood flooring installation, is completed. Keep pressing on, moving closer to your ultimate dream home. You know that too much of anything is bad. This is why 2012 is the year you add fun to your home improvement efforts.

These five ideas will help you feel refreshed while you work on your home improvement project.

1. Get out of your home. You don’t have to go far, but a few minutes away from the canvas can help you reenergize your creative juices. Going to an art gallery can spark new ideas and make home improvement more enjoyable.

2. 2. Watch a funny movie. Sometimes all that is needed to boost your spirits or relax your brain is a good laugh. It’s all about the laughter latest comedySeven Arts

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3. Start a weekly gaming night. Board games can be a great way for families to bond. You can also grab some poker chips and some cards if your only bachelor. Texas hold ’em poker is a great way of easing stress. It can also help you find friends who are willing to help with bigger projects.

4. Your favorite hobby should be your main focus. It doesn’t matter if your favorite hobby is home improvement. You need something to distract you from it.

5. Host a party. Your home improvement projects can be broken down into weekly tasks. Celebrate each completed task by throwing a party. Regroup and refocus after the celebrations are over.