Valentine’s Day has been regarded as one of most popular gift-giving holidays every year. Many people use Valentine’s Day as a chance to get down on one knee and propose. Valentine’s Day was celebrated by 250,000 engaged couples last year. This is a testimony to the importance of Valentine’s Day to thousands upon thousands of Americans in love.

You’re not alone if you’re searching for an original, fashionable, and heirloom-quality accessory that you can gift your loved one this year. Platinum jewelry is the best choice for Valentine’s Day gifts according to Michael O’Connor, a jewelry style expert.

“Giving a gift of love on Valentine’s Day is about emotion and being sure you will be remembered,”O’Connor spoke. “Platinum jewelry is the perfect choice because its purity and rarity underscore the emotional reasons why you’re giving the gift, while its durability means that it won’t wear down like other metals and will last a lifetime.”

O’Connor has compiled the following jewelry suggestions to help you find the hottest jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

* Engagement ring. You should seriously think about the setting if you’re planning to propose to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. An engagement diamond purchase is a high-end investment. You won’t want your investment to be diminished by a poor metal. Platinum will retain your diamond better and, because it is naturally a white metal it will increase the diamond’s sparkle. There are many designs to suit all kinds of diamond cuts, from modern styles from Martin Flyer to vintage-inspired Tacori looks.

* Gifts for him. One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for men -; stylish watches from companies like Franck Muller, Vacheron Constantin and Jacob & Co. -; pair masculinity with durability in Platinum looks that are perfect for dressing up or down. Platinum cufflinks make a unique gift for businessmen with flair.

* Platinum pendants. Layering is the key to layering, whether you’re on the runway or at Hollywood’s A-list. Layering Platinum pendants in square, heart, and oval shapes will give you a unique flair.

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