Anyone can become homeless, even families with children.

According to the National Center on Family Homelessness (NCFH), one in fifty American children is homeless each year. 1.5 million children. The majority — about 75 percent — are elementary-school-aged. Only 42% are under six years of age.

The Company Store was established to help homeless, a catalog and online retailer of various bedding and home furnishings, launched its Buy One, Give One Comforter Donation Program. This program will help homeless children all across the country. The Company Store will donate one comforter for every comforter bought from its website and catalog. The comforter will become a family item that a child will be able take with them to transition from temporary to permanent housing.

“There are a significant number of homeless children in this country who do not have a home to call their own,”Dennis Warner is chief marketing officer at The Company Store. “The Company Store is committed to bringing some comfort to these children in need.”

Children living without homes are more likely than their parents to get sick, become hungry, repeat school and develop learning difficulties. Many charitable organizations are working to provide shelter and relief for homeless families. However, it can be difficult to give homeless children stability.

“We hope that the donated comforters will raise the spirits of thousands of children and their families as they work to rebuild their lives,”Dennis Warner, CMO at The Company Store.