An average American household spends approximately 4.5 hours per day watching television, which is 25% of their free time. One thing is certain: Americans love TV, regardless of whether it’s morning cartoons and afternoon soaps or reality shows and the evening news.

However, television programs are not without their limitations. Television executives set when shows are shown. So viewers may be distracted by their daily lives, such as children’s activities, or work, which can make it difficult to watch her favorite program. “Desperate Housewives”Or “Heroes.”You can still enjoy classics from the past “The Addams Family,”These are harder to find, regardless of how much you want to watch Wednesday and Cousin It.

The Internet offers instant entertainment for anyone who wishes to watch. “One Tree Hill”You can watch it on your own or in reruns “Lost”It happens again and again. Internet-users can stream videos online to enjoy cartoons, soaps and reality shows at their leisure.

Nielson Media Research recently found that nearly four out of four Internet users watch full-length streaming television episodes from their computers. This number is growing. When “The Office”In 2007, the season premiere was viewed by one in five viewers. The episode was also streamed 2.7 millions times in that week alone.

Major networks have noticed. Many networks now offer full TV episodes online. This allows viewers the freedom to watch prime-time programming at their own pace and from anywhere they choose. “limited commercial breaks.”

Internet users can still find it difficult to locate and enjoy streaming videos. The experience is not ideal due to broken links, pixilated video and missing episodes. However, there are some services that make it easier to find high quality, online videos.

One of the most popular video sites on the Internet. “blinkx Remote”( searches the Internet to find full-length TV programs and organizes them by episode and season. The site allows users to browse over 11,000 episodes from classic and new TV shows. They can then access their favorite episodes at any time, anywhere they have Internet access. TV viewers can quickly find the right TV episode by season, title, network, genre or title.