Children who are busy with school and sports require energy snacks. However, children love sweets like cookies and sodas. They don’t need nutrition.

Children should be happy before dinner by eating healthy snacks, including fruits and vegetables.

Can children still enjoy healthy sweets after they have had enough of candy? The following snacks will satisfy young sweet tooths while still providing nutrition.

Banana “Ice Cream.”Ripe bananas can be sliced and frozen. Blend the frozen bananas in a blender with a little water until soft-serve is achieved.

Children will be reminded of vanilla ice cream, but the sweet concoction will have potassium as well. You can also add some fun to the mix by offering “sundae”You can add toppings such as chopped nuts and berries. You can make healthier chocolate by adding a little unsweetened cocoa Powder (12 calories per tablespoon). “ice cream.”

Smoothies Smoothies can be made at home. However, busy parents can purchase healthy alternatives. Sun Shower Superfood Smoothies made by NBI Juiceworks have 100 percent juice, no added sugar and no preservatives. Tropical Passion, a blend of nutritional superstars such as carrots, nectarines, and hawthorn-berries, is packed with vitamins and minerals. The smoothie is sweet enough to make children enjoy their vegetables.

Popsicle trays can be used to freeze smoothies for a healthier version.

– Yogurt dippers for fruit and yogurt You can avoid extra sugars by blending plain, low-fat yogurt and fruit, or with a natural sweetener such as maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, or honey. To give children a protein-rich snack, you can offer them whole strawberries, bananas and apples to dip in the yogurt.

Brown rice pudding Brown short-grain brown rice or brown sticky rice should be simmered in milk or soymilk for 3-4 hours, or until it becomes thick. The pudding can be chilled in the fridge by adding chopped nuts and dried fruit. If the children want more sweetness, they can add maple syrup.

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