Have you ever looked up at the night skies and seen a star, then wondered where it was in outer space? Modern society is increasingly aware of the importance of space, even though it often happens in ways we might not be aware.

Space technology is essential for modern technology. This includes national defense, modern warfare, radio and television, data transfers and financial transactions, navigation and exploration, and national space initiatives by NASA. It is also dependent on scientists and engineers. Morehead State University is building a center for space science.

Morehead State University is located in the East Kentucky foothills. Although it might seem unlikely to have a space science centre, it is one of four universities that offer a space science degree. In 2009, the school will also complete a $15.6 million facility. The university’s new space center will house a control centre, digital star theatre, space systems development laboratory and a micro/nano fabrication facility. Ground operations will be the focus of the program.

Morehead State University recognizes that there is a shortage of engineers and scientists, and they want to make a difference. Between 1991 and 2000, the number of degrees in aerospace engineering in the United States dropped by 47 percent. Nearly 5,000 NASA employees will soon be eligible to retire in the next ten years. NASA is seeing a three-fold increase in engineers over 60 than there are under 30, which means that NASA is experiencing an unprecedented level of engineering talent. “graying”The workforce.

Morehead State University successfully completed the first phase for its space science center in December 2004 with an eight-story high antenna system. In December 2004, Morehead State University’s bachelor’s program was approved in the United States. Now on offer are research and education initiatives in radio frequency astrophysics, satellite communications, and radio frequency microelectromechanical systems.

Morehead State University has set a goal to include astronautical engineering in its space science and engineering program. Additionally, the university will offer a unique combination in space science and electric engineering using radio frequency and microwave, wireless technology, and micro/nano techniques. For more information about Morehead State University’s space program, visit http://ssc.moreheadstate.edu.