Volkswagen’s New Beetle has white fans. And they have a whole lot of style.

Volkswagen has launched a limited edition Triple White New Beetle convertible. There are only 3,000 of these units.

Volkswagen officials claim that the model’s color palette is based on the original Super Beetle convertible from the late 1970s. The modern version is not outdated in terms of aesthetics.

Unique alloy wheels of 17 inches are featured on the car. “Campanella”The exterior is white with a three-spoke, leather-wrapped steering column and white leatherette seating. The New Beetle’s convertible icon is embedded in the front seat headrests. This makes the model stand out.

The semi-automatic convertible roof folds down and retracts with a flick of a switch. To ensure the car’s style consistency, a white roof boot is also included.

Volkswagen hasn’t sacrificed engine and performance quality for its exterior and interior trims. This will please auto enthusiasts.

Its 2.5-liter, 20-valve engine has a cylinderhead design that was inspired by the Lamborghini Gallardo’s V10 engine. According to the manufacturer, it produces 150 horsepower and can reach speeds of 124 mph.

The active wheels will not skid due to automatic anti-slip regulation. A second system sends power and torque to the wheels that can grip the road. This makes this car as stylish as it gets.

Volkswagen introduced the Triple White New Beetle convertible as part of its 2007 lineup of special edition models. Other models include the Wolfsburg Edition Jetta and Fahrenheit GTI, which each have elements and design cues that are exclusive to their respective editions.

The Triple White New Beetle convertible costs $25,990 with the standard automatic transmission. For more information, please visit