Americans tend to think that maintenance should be performed only when something breaks or is having a problem. When we examine the meaning of the term maintenance, however, we see that it is much more than that. “maintenance,”What we’ll find is that it really refers to the maintenance and prevention of these issues.

It is a great time of year to inspect your house from the exterior. As a preventative measure, maintenance can save your house money and help you avoid bigger problems. Here’s a simple checklist to help you get started. www.housemaster.comCan help you conduct a thorough seasonal assessment of your home.

Landscape: Inspect the condition of walkways and driveways. Clear obstructions from storm drains, window wells, and dry wells. You should inspect retaining walls for cracks or bulges. Trim bushes and trees, and inspect patios, porches, and other structures.

The foundation: Make sure drainage is not leaking from the foundation. It’s best to check this during a heavy rainstorm. Check for flaking, cracks, and settlement.

Siding and chimneys: Examine surfaces for signs of damage or deterioration and make sure that caulking is applied at all joints. You can paint or treat any wood components that are damaged or exposed. It is also important to evaluate the condition of chimneys or vents made from masonry.

Windows and doors: Replace broken or damaged screens. Window putty, weather stripping, and caulking that are missing or damaged should all be replaced. You should inspect the frame for damage or decay, and clean or clogged screens.

Roofs: Replace damaged, missing or loose roofing. Repair leaks and moisture buildup around fascia and soffit should be addressed. Make sure flashing is sealed properly. Clean gutters and downspouts that are blocked should be cleared, along with roof surfaces that contain fungi or algae.

Porch or patio: Make sure to check the safety of wooden supports and railings, as well as inspect flooring for wear.

Both plumbing and electrical: The incoming support wires and cables should not have any tears or holes. Check exterior faucets for leaks and function.

Insect infestation: If you see signs of termite or ant activity, call an exterminator. After extermination, any insect damage must be repaired immediately.

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